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Spread the word - Stigma is societal ignorance

In many parts of Africa people with disabilities are considered worthless and in some cases subhuman by their communities.

Myths such as having sex with a woman with a disability can cure HIV; or a mental health episode is caused by evil spirits, can cause communities to fear, stigmatise or even abuse people with disabilities.  

Stigma generates profound social barriers to the entire family. People with disabilities and their families often live in isolation and are excluded from their communities, education system, healthcare and other vital services. Sometimes, they are hidden away by their families. 

Many women with disabilities face heightened risk of domestic and sexual violence. This stigma is often internalised by individuals with diabilities, stripping millions of their aspirations and agency. 

Shifting deeply entrenched social stigma requires knowledge and courageous people with a bold vision for change. That is why the movement for disability inclusion, like all significant movements for social progress, is powered by the passion and courage of activists – ordinary people like you and me taking action to create social change. This website aims to provide information to help disability activists access the tools, skills and resources they need to change the negative perceptions about disability. 

Millions of people with disabilities in Africa including Kenya are condemned to a life of poverty and exclusion.

Please share pages of this websites with your social networks and help create an informed society that does not oppress vulnerable people out of ignorance.

You can also join our online community and share your experiences or support the community by providing useful evidence based information.