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Therapies including home therapy tips - access to community therapies - where and how to get help.

Disability Conditions and Impairments Assessments hospitals

The NCPWD partners with hospitals around the country for assessment. If you go to any of these locations, they should have a multidisciplinary team complete an assessment. They will also be able to tell you what therapy services are available in the hospital, and may be able to refer you to other places nearby for further services. See list of hospitals in your area here

List of available therapy services and contact details

  1. Therapies for Kids

The green house, 1st floor, suite 8, Ngong Road
Telephone - 0725 366441
Email: info@therapiesforkids.org

  1. Kipepeo Therapies

Trixie Pujol, , LPC, Counselor
(254) 0729446713

Email: trixiepujol@gmail.com

  1. K.R. Psychomotor Services

Karolien Remmerie-Tuts

Tel. 0733894597

Email: karol.remmerie@gmail.com

  1. Gail Occupational Therapy Centre

Esther Muriuki

Tel. 0723670497, 0735943021

Email: esthermuriuki@hotmail.com

  1. First Steps Intervention

Dr. John Onala

Tel. 0722645342

Email: onalajo@gmail.com

  1. Kaizora Consultants

Pooja Panesar

0772444792 / 0736600510

Email: info@kaizora.com

  1. Child Developmental Centre

At Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

7206000 ext 204

Email: info@gerties.org

  1. Muthaiga Eye Clinic

Zahra Rashid

c/o Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital

7206000 ext 371

  1. Hermitage Therapy Center

Thompson est. House 17, Ginge Rd

Tel: 0717341342

Email: info@hermitage.co.ke

  1. Karen Surgery

333 Ngong Road, Karen, Nairobi



  1. Elim Guidance & Psychological Counselling Centre

Kahawa Sukari Shopping centre

Mizpah Hse room 5

P.O. Box 50154-00200 nrb

Tel. 0722330865


  1. KCCL Therapy Centre



  1. Yellow House Kisumu


  1. Catholic Diocese of Ngong – Health department

Samwel Omwakwe



  1. Catholic Diocese of Machakos – Health Department

Sr Regina Nthenya



  1. G.O.T Centre

Ep plaza opposite machakos imaging centre

Tel. 0735943021

List of Speech and Language Therapists 

  1. Grace Macharia

Adults & paediatrics

Email: g.m.macharia@gmail.com

       2. Jessica Mills 

                  Private practice

                  Email: jesmills@gmail.com

      3.  Lorna Muthamia

c/o Hear Say & Read

                  Email: info@speechtherapy.co.ke

  1. Poonam Shah

Adults – acquired communication & swallowing


  1. Jaini Shah

Adults & paediatrics

                  Email: Jshah2211@gmail.com

  1. Risha Joshi

Email: Rjoshi.slt@gmail.com

  1. Woody Rule

Bomet (Tenwek Hospital)

Adults and Paediatrics

Email: Woodyrule@gmail.com

      8. David Rochus

                   Email: rochusdave@gmail.com

      9. Rehana Pasta

                  Email: Rehana.slt@gmail.com

     10. Nuala Alibhai

                  Email: Nuala.alibhai@gmail.com