About the KDR (Kenya Disability Resource) Consortium

The KDR Consortium is currently comprised of the following organisations:-

(1) Disability Information and Support Network (DisN)  - is a UK Diaspora network of individuals with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, professionals working in special needs education institutions and other members of our society who are dedicated to improving the lives of people with disablilities,

(2) Action for Children with Disabilities (ACD)  - a diverse coalition of over thirty civil society and government institutions, ACD is currently focused on mobilizing resources and technical expertise to find out what programs and resources are best supporting children with disabilities in Kenya. ACD is also working to build an inclusive society where children with disabilities have equal access to education, health, and social protection services.

(3) National Star - The National Star College (UK) is a centre of excellence for the further education of young people and adults with disabilities. With over 40 years of experience in designing and delivering specialist programmes of study and training, developing specialised assessment and leading the development of assistive and enabling technologies, the college works in partnership with a wide range of international partners to deliver programmes involving staff, learners and business services.

Our Mission

The KDR consortium is committed to improve the lives of persons with disabilities by:

  • empowering people with disabilities through knowledge and information
  • enabling better services through information sharing and access to expert information
  • creating policy and advocacy impact

 Our Vision

We envision a society in which every individual is valued; an enabling environment where people with disabilities can achieve their full potential.

Participating Institutions

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KDR Management Team

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